New babysitting/ young toddler playgroup

New babysitting/playgroup, in the southern part of Jewish Crown Heights, past Maple and Troy area. Run by experienced mother and teacher, excellent quality care with emphasis on cleanliness and health, warm and positive environment. Great outdoor space, age appropriate sensory toys and activities, lots of parking for easy/convenient pick up and drop off.
Limited space availability as it will be kept a small group. PM or call 7184930396 for more details.
$4/hr or $85/week
9 AM-2 PM Mon-Thurs, 9 AM- 12 PM Friday, extended hours available


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Looking for Playgroup for you child? Look no further!

*Small personal group.clean spacious play area, Warm, responsible caregiver.
Closed now
Mon – Thu: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
Fri: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

585 Lefferts Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Learn through play – Make friends – Have fun – Discover Playgroup
General Information
Price: $90 a week, or 110 with food & snacks.
Age: 12 month to 3 years
Location: Lefferts bet KINGSTON & ALBANY (Easy1st floor entry)
Contact: Shoshie (english)718-953-0175 or
Miri (hebrew)917-848-7826,
* Referral upon request!
Learn through play – Make friends – Have fun – Discover Playgroup. 
Our Mission is To provide a fun relaxed space for kids to play and their carers to chat and share
Products in a chassidishe environment.

*Years of experience & BA in education/childcare.
We have an extensive range of toys, games & craft activities available and encourage carers to get involved

I’m Starting A new Daycare in My House for 12month & UP YI”H,

I’m Starting A new Daycare in My House for 12month & UP YI”H, Years of experience & BA in education in childcare.

Mon – Th 9am – 2pm 
Friday 9am – 12pm
$85 a week
Small personal play group 
clean spacious play area, 
Warm, responsible caregiver
Easy first floor entry,
music, davening and fun activities.
location: Albany bet empire & mongomery.
call me for more detail Miri 917-848-7826.